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TQM’S Driver Direct Solution allows our clients to utilize the wealth of experience TQM has in recruiting safe, qualified, and most importantly drivers that are the best

match for our clients. TQM’s Driver Direct Solution allows our clients to extend their Human Resource Department with a partner that has the specific Core Competency

of hiring commercial truck drivers.  It is an excellent option for companies that want to employ their drivers, but would benefit from an expert in the transportation

industry.  TQM’s Driver Direct Solution is not geographically restricted!!  Give us the specifics of your transportation need, and let us go to work.

Key Features:


DOT Qualification Guarantee:  We will provide a complete DOT Driver Qualification File on every driver, and it will be perfect . . . GUARANTEED!


  • TQM Driver Matching:  One of the TQM Keys to Success is to match a driver to a customer’s opportunity.  The TQM Driver Matching approach provides an

exceptional success rate by understanding the challenges of the job, knowing the drivers experience and capabilities, and presenting each driving opportunity to

potential drivers in a straight forward, comprehensive, and honest format.  We don’t sell a driver on a job!


  • Client Webpages:  TQM leverages technology like no other company in our industry by creating a client webpage that delivers the specific requirements of the job,

contact information, paperwork instruction and examples, directions, and any other information that will assist TQM’s drivers in excelling for our clients.


  • TQM Training:  Depending on the complexity of our partners driving opportunity, the orientation can range from the “TQM Keys to Success”, a

Supplemental Driver Handbook, and or a video presentation of the job requirements and essential information.


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