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Welcome to TQM’s Safety and Compliance Training Institute


Our Focus: Provide efficient and effective training in the following areas:

Orientation Training

Compliance Training

Corrective Action Training

Career Development Training

TQM created our Safety and Compliance Training Institute to offer educational instruction and certification courses for transportation managers and commercial truck

drivers.  We realized that there was a significant void in the transportation industry relating to training.  While the “industry standard” provides overwhelming reference

manuals that are cumbersome and confusing, we believe the most effective way to learn is to provide quality classroom instruction, utilizing dynamic multi-media


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Key Features:

ORIENTATION TRAINING: Now that the Applicant Selection Process has delivered the right employee for the job, the importance of providing that employee with

exceptional orientation training is paramount. First, as they say . . . “you only have one chance to make a first impression”.  A significant amount of time, effort and

expense  has gone into selecting your new hire.  They should be enthusiastic, motivated, and excited about starting a career with your company.  Reinforce in their

minds that they made the right career decision by choosing your company by delivering orientation training that is exceptional.   The second reason is purely economic.

TQM’s goal in orientation training is to bring your new hire up to a productive level as quickly and efficiently as possible, while delivering a thorough curriculum that

“covers all the bases”.


CAREER TRAINING: The benefits of providing continuing and supplemental training are numerous: increases in productivity, decreases in costly human error,

improvements in job satisfaction, and increases in the length of time an employee remains in the “career phase”.   


CORRECTIVE ACTION TRAINING:  Whenever a driver experiences a “negative work event” (roadside inspection violation, moving violation, damage to equipment,

work injury, not following company procedures, complaint from customer or public, etc.), it is an opportunity to deliver Corrective Action Training to minimize the

potential the event will reoccur. Sometimes the occurrence of a “negative work event” is driver specific, other times corrective action training would benefit your team

of drivers.

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